What is "family planning"? How important is it to have children? And why do you need a plan?

"Family planning" is the decision of couples to have the number of children they want.

The importance of "family planning"

As the human population continues to increase, in 2011 the world's population was approximately 7 billion while natural resources began to decrease. for the good quality of life of people in the world Family planning controls human multiplication At the same time increase the quality of human life. It is very important. proper family planning Therefore, the main factors are economic and social conditions, including the readiness to take care of new members of the family to be happy and become a quality population.
การวางแผนครอบครัวที่เหมาะสมนั้น จึงอยู่ที่ปัจจัยหลัก ๆ คือ เรื่องสภาพเศรษฐกิจ และ สังคม รวมถึงความพร้อมในการดูแลสมาชิกใหม่ของครอบครัวให้มีความสุขและเป็นประชากรที่มีคุณภาพ

Factors to consider for "Family Planning"
In common people's understanding, it is birth control for having children only when they are ready. But family planning has many factors. The objective is to improve the quality of life of everyone within the family with a good quality of life.

1. Marriage or decision to live as a couple
The beginning of married life is the beginning of the word family. Having a family is about two people who have to live together. Planning a family must begin with planning a marriage. In which the marriage of two people will decide to live together in Asian culture. especially Thai people The story of two families will be very important to married life. can be seen in the problem of divorce in married life The problem of incompatibility with family members also affects the existence of the family.

2. An adjustment between two people. Born from two people with parenting conditions. different environmental conditions Planning the roles and adjustments of two people is important. It is necessary to draw up a plan to adapt to each other and agree on roles and responsibilities within the family. and can switch roles when needed.

3. The decision to have children
In having one child, there are many things that come with many things. Couples therefore need to agree on having children well. whether to have children or not and how many children are in line with their financial readiness status and time to take care of the child that will be born Because having a child while the spouse is still unable to adjust to each other Or not ready in other ways may cause children born with mental health problems.

4. Physical readiness
The spouse will plan to have a family in accordance with the condition of physical readiness. Therefore, pre-pregnancy health check-ups are important. If the body is not ready to have children, a partner needs to have a good plan.

5. Economic Readiness
Building a life for two people If there is financial readiness, it will be able to manage matters such as living expenses, tuition fees, and children's social expenses well. Therefore, couples who are not financially ready Need to plan well before family money problems follow.

6. Preparing to be a good parent
Children's happiness and family members Must be caused by two people who will have a family life together. Preparing to be a good parent will help refine the child who is born to be a quality person in society.

7. Birth control is part of family planning. In the event that the family is not yet ready to have children Contraceptives can prevent you from having children when you are not ready in any way. There are several methods of contraception. Choosing a good birth control method will reduce the occurrence of abnormal physical conditions in the couple.

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